Tonic Water

Tonic Water
An organic grain base, milled quinine bark and lemongrass from Asia are brought together to create a natural tonic water that is distinctly zesty and brewed to perfection. There is a sharpness derived from the bitter, woody aromas of quinine bark, mixed with a light dose of cane sugar.

"Mix with the best!"
Fentimans botanically brewed mixer range is available in 3 flavours:
Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola and Tonic Water.
Made using traditional Fentimans methods and using only 100% natural ingredients, the mixers are available in 125ml bespoke glass bottles

Calories 130
Fat 0g
Sodium 25mg
Carbohydrates 31g
Sugar 30g
Protein 0g
Vitimin C 40% DV (based on 2000 cal Diet)
Carbonated Water
Lemon Juice Concentrate (12.7%)
Glucose Syrup
Pear Juice concentrate
Cream of Tartar
Natural flavours: Lemon / Speedwell / Juniper extracts
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